Monday, January 25, 2010

Got tubes?

These are pictures from Sarah's birthday party.
Well, Sarah began feeling bad on Friday and by Saturday had a temperture. Figured it was her ears and of course, it was. Went to doctor today and the left ear is infected. This is the 2nd time in one month. Now we are waiting on a call from the ENT to discuss if she needs tubes. Mommy says yes. I just saw so much improvement in balance and speech as well just all around feeling better.
Okay, just got a call from the ENT. They are scheduling her for tubes. They will call me back tomorrow with a date. PRAISE THE LORD!! I thought I was going to have to fight for them. I was upset and anxious for nothing. God tells us not to be anxious that He is in control. I need to learn to wait on the Lord to work great and mighty blessings in my life. He has never let me down.
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