Friday, January 22, 2010

Pretty Dancing Princess

Sarah had her first dance class on Wednesday. I sat my camera out to take and then did not pick it up when we left. I wanted to cry. I took a few pictures with the phone, but they are awful!! I will have to take the camera this week and get some good pictures. She did wonderful. She listened and did what the teacher asked most of the time. She was so happy and excited about dancing.

Sarah has been in a stubborn mood this week. She started the week off refusing to eat unless it was something she could pick up with her hands. She refused to have anything to do with a utensil. Holly got her to eat a whole container of yogurt at therapy with no problems. When she saw me watching she told me to go! Then acted like she did not know how to eat with a spoon. The little stinker! She has been eating much better since then. Today she got her first sad face report and unsatisfactory behavior report at school. I just think that the lack of communication is factoring in to this right now. I think it frustrates her and she can say no and stop well, so she uses them. Praying that we move past this phase soon.

Elijah is doing well. He goes to soccer academy two days a week and is really improving his skills. He is reading well, telling time, counting, adding numbers ,etc now in school. He is so smart. His teacher has been having him help some of the other kids that are not getting the concept as well. He is enjoying getting to help. I am very proud of him. He has started asking to have a sleepover with a friend. I am so not ready for this! I do not plan on him sleeping at a friend's house anytime soon. I just don't know them well enough. He settled on having a sleepover in Sarah's room tonight. He is sound asleep in his sleeping bag in the floor and she is wide awake trying to get him to play. Not sure this is going to work!

I am still having problems with my allergies. I have had fluid on my ears and 3 ear infections since Thanksgiving. I have been to the doctor 5 times now and still am not well. We have figured out that the people before us had a indoor dog. I am very allergic to dogs. Guess we may have to pull up and replace the carpet. I have treated the house and hope that helps. Of course in treating it I have flared up my allergies. Praying we move past this soon too.

Sorry I have not posted in so long. Just been way busy. In fact, I have not even taken any pictures this week. That is not like me. I will do better. I would love to go take a picture of the kids sleepover, but they are both quite now, so I am not going to disturb them.
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