Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Princess is Better

Sarah has been really sick this time with her ear infection. Today she is finally better and back to normal. How do I know this you ask? Here is the evidence that I found this morning:
She had these on when I went downstairs to answer the cellphone.
Hmmm, that was on too.

Oh no, what is in the potty?

Thank goodness it was a toy, that one had me real worried!!
And here she is in her birthday suit! Glad it still fits. I went to put her coat on Monday and it did not fit. I knew it was a little snug, but it would not zip. I put another coat on her and it worked until she laughed at the doctor's office and busted the zipper! I did find a great deal at Children's Place. Got her a new coat for $17.00. Wow, I think that is a great deal. I do think maybe she needed a new coat a little sooner. Her old coat was an 18mo and this one is a 4T. Now in my defense....The 18 mo fit at the beginning of cold weather. She has had a growth spurt in the last 2 weeks, her pj's are also a bit smaller this week. We have not needed a big coat in the last 10 days it has been too warm. She has been wearing a smaller coat. Really the 3T fit her best, but I bought a bit bigger so it would last to next year, and they did not have a 3T in the coat I liked the best! This one is pink and matches her snow pants I got her a couple of weeks ago. The 3T was a yellow, pink, orange and lime green print that was just too wierd for my taste. It was the only 3T they had. I was glad to even find a coat. Did you know they already have bathing suits out? I am in shock! Praying I can find footed pj's in a 3T. I need to go shopping fast.
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