Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Cream

Well, it did really snow here! Started in Nashville more than an hour before it started here. I ended up having to take Sarah to the doctor this morning and let's just say this GA girl does not know how to drive in snow!!!! People in Nashville do not know how to drive in it either, but some seem to think they can. I passed them later as they were trying to get out of the ditch. Silly people. Sarah's ears are better, but there was a possibility on Mon that she had strep(looked like it, but neg test) and well today she has it. The antibiotic was not working on the strep. Now we are on 2 antibiotics. She is acting like she feels better this afternoon.

Doug and Elijah went out in the snow and played for a bit. I did not take Sarah out, of course. After the snow had fallen for several hours we took the top layer off our table and made snow cream. It was yummy. It brought back childhood memories for Doug and I. Happy to share this memory with the kids. We never did this in town due to the smog, but out here we felt it was safe. The internet said it was safe after about 2 hours of snow fall. Elijah has a bowl sitting out to catch fresh snow so we can make more later!!! Hope everyone with snow enjoyed their day and stayed safe!
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