Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day at Vandy

Well, our short surgery turned into an all day affair. So typical for our family. We arrived on time and was taken right back. When we were asked about what Sarah had eaten, things took a turn for the worse. Apparently, our ENT's office was wrong in that we were told Sarah could have applesauce until noon and the hospital says no applesauce. There was another family there that was told the same thing, so I know it was not just me! So our 3:45 time was put off until 4:30. Then we were worked into the schedule, meaning we were put at the end of our doctor's schedule, so it was 5:30 when they took Sarah back. She was fine. She played and climbed and sang loudly. Then for the last 30 minutes they brought her a car to ride in and she was delighted! She rode the car to the operating room. They were surprised how friendly she was. We were also told that Sarah has some sublaxation to her upper neck area. We will follow up with our pediatrician on this. They put her on neck precautions for the surgery and we were told that she does not need to do any activities that might put her neck in an awkward position. Try that with a 3 yr old who loves to try to flip, stand on her head, climb and jump, and slide down the slide head first. She has made me a nervous wreck today with all of her stunts! I did not realize how rambunctious she was!
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