Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Sarah doing.........

Sarah can walk up the stair holding the hand rail!!!!!!! She did most of the flight by herself! She took several steps with just putting one foot on the step and putting the other foot on the next step up. Not the step up and put both feet on the step before going up to the next step. Is that clear as mud? Don't know how to say that, but she walked up the steps...upright, not crawling which is the main hooray. My back is so happy about this. I typically carry her up stairs because I do not like her to crawl up stairs in public. Her hands are always around her face, so I do not want them where people have been walking! She tried to walk down the steps at home last night without holding on and totally freaked me out, since I was at the bottom of the stairs and she was at the top. Got her to sit down and come down that way! Soon, very soon she will have it!
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