Monday, March 8, 2010

Today she decides to talk....

Today Sarah has her ear tube surgery. The stinker is that it is not until 3:45. She can have clear liquids until noon, then nothing. Trying to plan so that we have minimal time around the house, esp the food, we let her stay up late so she would sleep late. That worked out wonderful. She got up at 8am and was ready to eat. I tried to stall her, but it did not work. I put her in the chair, leisurely put in a video, by this time she is screaming to eat. I gave her some jello hoping she would eat it before she realized it was well, jello. She has such a texture aversion to jello and I totally agree. Just too slimy, weird texture. I was hoping she would be so hungry that she would eat it. The first bite was spit out FAST, before I could even react. I had a MAD toddler on my hands. She very clearly and sternly announced that she wanted "nola bar". For those who do not speak Sarahism that means granola bar. Her favorite breakfast food. This was also the first time she has said this, but there is no doubt this is what she was saying, she even pointed to the cabinet that I keep the granola bars in. I explained that we were out of granola bars, but that was wonderful use of words. To which she replied something in Sarahism that I did not understand and do not think I can repeat it on this G rated blog, but my name was in there in let's just say not so nice of a tone. I was then able to get a few bites of the jello in, before she announced that she wanted "fute"--fruit in Sarahism. She always has pineapples with cherries fruit cup in the morning. Again this is the first time she has said "fute", but again she was pointing to the right cabinet when she said it. I went to the refrigerator to get some apple sauce. When she realized I was going the wrong way she stated "apple fute" and signed apple. Hmmm, I might be safe here, although she calls the pineapple cup apple, I have apple sauce. This is going to work, I think. I sat down the bowl and said here is apple sauce. I got a look like I had turned into a green horned creature. She just burst into tears. It was heart wrenching. I was crying by the time I got her calmed down. I told her I was sorry, but this was all she could eat. She did eat some of the jello and some apple sauce. We then got dressed. Glad I did not cancel her speech/feeding therapy for today. We came on to therapy to distract her. She is still not happy. She keeps telling Irene that she wants to eat. She is getting more physical therapy than speech today as Irene tries to keep her distracted. She is going to try jello and apple sauce in the feeding part of therapy, don't know how well that is going to go over. They are in the kitchen now, and Sarah seems to be whining. It will all be worth it once it is over and her ears are clear. I am pretty sure she has an ear infection this morning. She keeps touching her ear and tilting her head. Glad they do ear tubes with infections!!! Elijah is doing good at Nana's. Having lots of fun and getting spoiled. I am doing ok with him being gone, but missing him terribly. I will not state how many times I have talked to him since they left yesterday!! I will update when I can.
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