Monday, February 25, 2008

Pictures for Elizabeth!!

Elizabeth, here are some new pictures for you. The first one is Grandma holding Sarah(don't tell Elijah, but she has the doll that she gave him when we brought her home!! He does not like to share this doll-named Sarah Bonnie. It is his special doll. He is afraid she will slobber on it!). The second picture is Elijah and Daddy in their matching housecoats. Your mother gave Elijah the housecoat the last time we were there. It is almost identical to Doug's. They are so cute in their housecoats!

The last picture is of the remodel. This is the start of the bathroom downstairs.

Have a great week!
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1 friends said:

Erika said...

Just wanted to say I loved seeing the pictures of your family :)
I have a son 5 1/2 (typical) and daughter 3 1/2 (with Down syndrome). The oatmeal facial pics reminded me of our own spa days - ha ha. God Bless, Erika