Saturday, February 9, 2008

To sleep, or not to sleep

Well, the hand surgery is over. The wrist has been released(carpal tunnel) and de"cyst"iziced. The doctor said the carpal tunnel was really tight. The ganglion cyst had lots of tenticals that he had to get. The surgery ended up being about and hour. I stayed awake through the whole thing. They did a block on my arm so I did not feel anything. It was funny listening to the doctor and staff talk about Ipods and downloads when you hand is being cut on. Yesterday went fine. The 6-8 hour blocked lasted 18 hours so it was late into the night before I had full feeling back. My pain meds took away the pain, but left me wide awake!! I could not sleep. It was awful. I also was itching and it felt like ants were crawling on me. I think I will stick to aleve today. The kids are doing great and are getting spoiled fast. Sarah has to be held and Elijah must have Nana's full attention. In fact, he took Angie's sleeping place last night so he could sleep with Nana. Angie had to sleep on the couch. I will get pictures of the kids and Nana and Angie to post.
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