Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Party

Elijah had his Valentine Party today at school. They had a great time. They had yummy goodies to eat, ballons to play with, a craft to make, and then they exchanged Valentine's. Sarah really enjoyed the ballons and the yummy goodies!! Both kids had a great time. They both rested good when we got home. After supper we went to kindermusik and had fun singing and dancing. Sarah showed off her clapping. She also really followed the teacher. She was talking about high and low and was moving her shakers up and down with the music. Sarah started doing it also. It was so great to see her get a concept sooooooooooo fast. She has been up on her hands and knees most of the morning trying to crawl, I think we are in another growth spurt!!!!
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sewell105 said...

Love your blog. Elijah and Sarah are precious.
Love, Pam