Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleep Study Report

Well, we went back to the ENT today to get Sarah's sleep study report. She does have sleep apnea. They said her oxygen levels dropped into the 80's during her REM sleep. They treat sleep apnea in infants by removing their tonsils and adnoids. Sarah also had fluid on her ears again and failed her hearing test. I am not sure the hearing test was accurate. They had me hold her and then one lady sat in front of us and another was at the booth and would talk to Sarah through a speaker and Sarah was to turn towards the speaker on the left or right based on where she heard it from. First Sarah was sleepy and just rubbed her eyes, second the lady sitting in front of us was someone new. Sarah is very social and just wanted to talk to this lady. She was not paying attention to anything else. She did not understand the test. Doug said they had elmo on a computer screen above each speaker. I knew what Sarah was suppose to do and I never saw elmo, so I did not do so well either!! Sarah is scheduled for surgery to have a T&A and tubes in her ears on May 15th. They said we would be in the hospital 2-7 days(due to the sleep apnea and Down syndrome). Please keep us in your prayers. Please keep me in your prayers also, I know I will not sleep as soundly at night until I know the apnea is better, I will be listening and making sure my angel is breathing good.
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