Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Announcement!!!!!!!!!!

What could it be??? Should I make you wait a few days? I have not gotten in touch with my dad yet to tell him, so I better wait. I hear Doug telling his mom now. I told my mom earlier and she told my sister, who called a little bit ago. It is a really great announcement. The kids are really excited. They really love it. Life will change with this annoucement. Our entire routine and way of life is changed by this. We are sooooooooo excited. Well, okay the dog is not overly excited by this, he does not like this announcement. But, then again he is really old and set in his ways. This is really adding to my daily work load and is a big stresser, but in a good way.

Have you guessed yet?

Think we bought a new house?

Think we sold our house?

Did we get a baby?

Did Sarah get another tooth(ok, that would not be so big, but if you have been around when she is teething you would think it was!! She did cut another tooth this week!!)


What to know?

Ok, I'll tell you later!!!!!!!!!!!

We made an offer on a house with 6.5 acres and it was accepted!!!!!!!!!! The house is 2400 sq ft. 3BR/2baths with a bonus room over the 2 car garage. The kitchen, dining room, and entry have wood floors with a really pretty inlay. The master bath has a whirlpool tub and separate shower. Tons of upgrades to the house. The land has a fully stocked catfish pond, a pretty creek in the back, and flat land around the house. There is a flat patio for the kids to play on, and much more!!! We got a really great deal. The land was foreclosed on and we were able to get it for $75,000 less than it was appraised for. Now we need to sell our current house!!!! We have been working so hard on it this week. It really looks great! Don't know why we waited until now to do all of this. What a difference it makes!! We listed it on Thursday, so praying God sends a buyer our way soon. I will add pictures later. I need to go measure a few things so I will take pictures then. I will take pictures tomorrow of all of the work we have done on this house and show you our handy work!!
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