Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disney On Ice

Pop-pop and Karen took all of us to see Disney on Ice this weekend. It was great!!! We all had a wonderful time. The kids did not start out liking the show. Sarah I think was scared by the loud beginning and just not sure of what was happening. Elijah is very sensitive to noise and light. I forgot his cotton for the ears, but he adapted quickly. They really got into the show. We were on the front row right in the middle. The absolute best seats. One of the characters came off the ice and shook the kids hands. The fairy princess at the end looked right at Sarah and waved at her. Sarah was blowing kisses and smiling from ear to ear. She is really getting into the princess thing. Elijah really liked the cars and lion king parts of the show. Sarah cried when we left and tried to go back in.
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My name is Sarah said...

I'm so glad you got to see Disney on Ice. That is my favorite.