Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She can do it!!!

We have been introducing potty training with Sarah. She is doing great. If I put her on the potty every 1-2 hours she stays dry and will pee everytime she is put on the potty. She tells me occasionally that she needs to pee-pee, by whining and pointing to the potty or holding herself and whining. One problem we have is her pulling down her pants to potty. I just have not been able to teach her this. I have tried. Yesterday I asked the OT to work on this(we will work on getting the pants up later). Holly showed Sarah how to pull down her pants by putting her thumbs inside the pull up and pushing down as she sits. Guess what?!?!?! She did it!!! She can get her pants down!!!! Of course, by the time she gets her pants down she is already peeing and I have cleaned up tons, but that is ok. Getting her pants down by herself is a BIG accomplishment. She will get the timing down the more we do. I am just so proud of my big girl!!!! I am also a little sad that she is growing up too fast. She is achieving so much faster than we ever imagined. I guess I was figuring that she would stay little longer, but she is not. She is really on target with most of her peers. I am so proud of her and what she is doing. God has really blessed her with a special testimony on His greatness. I know He is and will use her to be a mighty testimony of His love and blessings. Our God is so good!!! He has given me such an awesome responsibility to raise 2 beautiful angels. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
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My name is Sarah said...

WOW that's great. I still have a hard time pulling down certain pants.

Anonymous said...

She is growing up too fast!! It has only been a month since I last saw her and it sounds like she is just continuing to be an amazing little girl. Give her a hug for me.