Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update on us

Sorry for all of the short post, my internet service is just not getting it!!! I am currently using Sarah's therapist's computer while she is in therapy. We are all doing well. Everyone is enjoying the new home. Elijah's favorite part is the yard and just getting to run. He was so whiny during the rain last week because he was use to being outside!!! He is going to have a great summer. He is registered for kindergarten and did wonderful on the entrance test!!!! He is ready to go to his new school. Sarah is keeping me on my toes. She is into everything!!! Her latest fun thing to do is stuff her stuff animals in the toliet. Oh how my laundry is increasing. I think I am going to have to buy the toliet locks, then my laundry will increase from the rest of us wetting our pants trying to undo the locks!!!! She can open doors so closing the door does not work. She is a little afraid of the seat lid and it falling back on her so closing the lid helps some, but you know boys will never remember to do this!!!! She is definately hitting the 3 yr old independence stage. Me do is her most often use phrase right after NO. She is talking more and we are no longer using sign language in an effort to get her to talk even more. She loves to sing and is so cute singing to me. It just melts me. Potty training is going good. She asked twice yesterday to go potty. So maybe she will not be so hard after all. Well, got to go Sarah is done. Hope everyone has a great Easter if I don't get to post again this week.
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