Thursday, April 16, 2009


These are Sarah's favorite words right now. Not sure why stop is a favorite, she does use it appropriately, but I am not sure that she has really heard it that much. No is what I seem to use 99.9% of the time, so I know she hears it alot!!!! She is on a verbal growth spurt. She will repeat everything and is using more and more words on a regular bases. She surprises me everyday with a new word. Today's word is "uice cup"(juice cup, she has repeated this word 50,000 times today. She is also talking clearer and more people are able to understand her. She is also talking to most people which is very new. Up until now she would only talk to certain people and only if she wanted too. She is constantly talking now!!! Today she also did her version of snapping her fingers. It is sooooooooo cute. You know I remember someone saying that when kids are little you want them to hurry up and walk and talk and then when they learn these you want them to sit down and be quiet!!! I so understand this right now. Elijah and Sarah are both on talking tangents right now. I am so tired of listening!!!!

I typed this post on Thursday but was unable to get it to post so let's see if it works today!!!!
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