Saturday, April 17, 2010

Being Normal

What can I say, but this has been a fairly normal week for my crew. No major happenings. The most drama we have had this week is me spraining my hand. I know a bit odd, but you know we never do things normal around here!!! I actually sprained the ligaments in my first 2 fingers. Swollen and bruised, but doing fine. Elijah is doing great in school and soccer. He scored a goal in today's game and is loving it. He had a lemonade stand today at the town's mile long yard sale, that is much longer than a mile. He sold bunches of toys. He is wanting a Nitendo DS and I refuse to buy him one. He had to earn the money. Today he did that. He is sooooooo excited. Sarah is being the princess as always. She is doing go with the homeschooling. She is really smart. She is now telling me that she needs to go potty if she has to poop. One morning, she actually went to the potty and almost got her pants down and on the potty to pee. She needed very little help. I was very proud of her. She is talking more and much more independent these days. Doug is tackling all the yard projects and staying busy. I am not getting as much done right now, but soon I am sure.
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