Sunday, April 25, 2010

Children's Day at Church

Today was children's day at church. During the service all of the kids went on a parade into the sanctuary. It was fun...well, sort of! Sarah for some reason has decided to have that 3 yr old separation anxiety. She was very clingy and ended up staying with me to walk into church. I was also carrying a baby and this totally upset her. She kept trying to get closer and move the baby away from me. Don't think she likes to share her mommy. During the second hour Doug carried her and I held the other kids in our class' hands. She did better. After church, we had a cookout and they had inflatables for the kids. Sarah totally freaked out in the toddler inflatable. She has always loved these, not anymore. She was also overstimulated with the wind blowing. She just got overwhelmed. She ended up falling asleep after crying so hard and slept the rest of the time we were there. Elijah had a blast on the inflatables. The big slide was his favorite. This was really a great day. Sarah got a devotional book and what I have read so far, this is the best devotional we have had. I can not wait to start tonight using it. Elijah got a notebook for the Pastor Pal's notes they are starting. He liked filling in the blanks. I must admit it was a bit distracting to me to help him fill in the blanks, but he will learn how to do it and I think it will be a great teaching tool for him on listening and taking notes. I am so excited to see my kids grow in God and His plans for them. I am grateful for a church that loves it's kids and families. Thank you TGBC for all you do for us!!!!
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