Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To react or to act?

I have been doing a new Bible study and part of it deals with how we respond to a situation.  I am more of a reactor and this tends to get me in trouble.  When you react to something, you are letting your feelings dictate your response.  When you act on something, you think it through and tend to have a more rounded response.  This also allows you time to see God's direction.  I have been trying to act more lately and not just react.  This is hard for me and sometimes my reactions can come off strong, especially if it involves my children.  Satan is trying very hard to be victorious in this area of my life, but I have God on my side and He has overcome the world for me, so I know through Him I have won the war!!  Well, Satan is pulling out all of his fire power on this one.  It all started yesterday morning.  Sarah was being difficult.  She has decided to throw everything.  Food, drink, toys, herself(in a full blown tantrum).  On Sunday night she threw her last unbroken straw cup.  These are the $10.00 cups that are hard to find, but are what the therapist wants her to use.  The cup broke.  So, I am feeding Sarah breakfast, it is thrown, I pick it up and try to figure out how to pack her cup so that it does not leak.  She breaks the cap that goes over the top to seal it when you pack it.  I finally figure out a plan and she throws her breakfast and another broken cup.  I gave it back and told her no, food on the table.  We finish getting ready for school.  I drop her off and head to Bible study and then home to clean house.  Things are going great, get most of the house cleaned and the laundry started.  Go to pick up Sarah.  She has refused a nap and was misbehaving at one point and ended up in time out.  As much as I know better, I really needed to make one stop on the way home.  With no nap, I should have came straight home and put her to bed, but that would have been too easy!  So we make the stop.  Elijah is all into marching men(aka nutcrackers), so I told him we would start him a collection.  I decided to start Sarah a collection of snow globes.  So, while we were at the store, I found a perfect snow globe.  Sarah was helping me hold it.  It was playing music and the snow was floating, all was grand.  Well, I stopped to pick up something on my list and for some reason I took my hand off the globe.  About the same time the music stopped.  Sarah took both hands and hurdled the snow globe as hard as she could across the store.  Yep, it shattered.  I counted to ten, picked up the globe and got someone to clean up the mess.  I got on to Sarah.  I then took what I had and the broken snow globe to the cashier, it was past time to leave.  I handed the lady the globe and said that my child dropped it and it broke, she just looked at me.  I then proceeded to say, well, guess I need to pay for it.  Now to be honest, I never expected that I would pay for it, they send broken items back for refunds and the only other time I have had a kid to break something, I was told not to worry about it.  Well, this lady said, ok.  Do you want me to throw it away now that I have rung it up?  Count to ten, Robyn, count to ten.  Okay, count to 100, maybe that will work.  I then said, no give it to me I will take it home.  I paid and left the store crying.  I do not know what to do about this throwing stage we are in.  It is very tiring.  We then get home and we have a message that the place that Sarah gets her occupational and speech therapy is closing as of Dec 12.  Do you know how long it takes to change therapy?  More than 2-3 weeks and at a Holiday time to boot.  I was not happy to say the least.  Well, got most of that worked out this morning, PRAISE THE LORD!!!  It was actually easy.  Then today I get a collection call for the same therapy place for a bill from Jan that I just got in the mail for the first time 2 weeks ago!  Technically, they are not suppose to bill us for what our insurance does not pay.  The state through the early intervention pays the rest.  Guess I will handle that tomorrow, I really need to count to a zillion on this one and lots of prayers too!!  Well, the kids are crying and being awful, guess I need to go and see what the problem is!!

God's Handiwork Front row set to see the Wiggles at Grandma's!

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