Thursday, November 20, 2008

Night-time is for sleeping? NOT.

Apparently no one but me likes to sleep at night at our house.  Why is it that everyone else is waking me up?  Why don't they just wake each other up?  Why do they all pick a different time to wake up?  Do they each know when the other has been up and wait until I go back to sleep to call out?  Do I snore, is that how they know I am sleeping?  Seriously, I really think they are ganging up on me.  Here is how our night unfolded last night.

10:30 Doug and I go to bed.  Both kids went to bed around 8 and are sleeping soundly.

midnight-Doug sits up and bed and starts carrying on a conversation.  What?  I am a sleep over here.  I don't care about those trees.  Yes, put your mask back on and go back to sleep.  Yes these were my responses.  He was talking about work, apparently to someone at work.  Then out of the blue he asked if he should keep on his sleep apnea mask.  Hmm, yes, you snore without it.  Ok, to be honest, I actually said: "Yes, leave your mask on, shut up, lay down, NOW!!  He obeyed.  Back to sleep.

2am I feel this hand on my arm.  After I peel myself off the ceiling, Elijah is crying.  I think I scared him.  He had a bad dream, so feeling bad that I scared him, I let him in our bed.  Why, I don't know.  I am bruised from all of the kicking.

4:30 am  Sarah is giggling in her bed and talking.  Don't know who she is talking too, I think it is the gibberish speaking angel that she has taken as her special friend.  They are having a blast.  Do I get up and check on her?  Yep, she is just a playing and talking.  I lay her back down and tell her it is nite-nite time, no playing.  Like that works.  Ten minutes later she is still talking and giggling.  Ok, this would be cute during the day, it is not at night!  Ok, Irene stop reading now.  Do not read any further, you will not like what I did.  I spent the next 10 minutes finding the beloved pacifier.  Stuck it in her mouth and laid her back down.  I did find the pacifier in the floor and 10 minutes later she was giggling again.  I did not go back in, I was too tired and she was happy.  She finally went back to sleep.  Slept until 8:30 am.

5:00 Doug gets up for work.  Turn off that alarm!

5:40 He leaves.

7am Elijah is wide awake.  I am dragging out of bed.  I am so tired!!

Both kids have acted like they don't feel good on and off all week.  Sarah has some ear drainage, that smelled bad at first, but not now, so I don't know if it is infected or not, but the drops will not hurt so she is getting them.  Elijah has complained about a tummy ache and then had a flare up of his unexplainable hives.  If tonight is not better, I am checking into a hotel I am going to take the kids to the doctor and make sure more is not going on.  Doug, well, that is Doug he talks and walks in his sleep.  Always had, probably always will!!  Want to join the fun tonight?!?!?!?

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