Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Neglecting the blog!

Sorry I have not posted since Saturday.  I am still not feeling the best from the shingles.  My energy level is way down still.  Today has been a good day, so I am praying that this is the start of feeling better.  Unfortunately, I have felt bad for so long that my house is a total wreck.  You know it is bad when Doug and Elijah start helping clean!!  I have gotten a lot done today and hopefully I can finish it tonight and tomorrow.  My dad is coming tomorrow night and will be here until Thursday night when he catches his flight home.  He is going to watch the kids Thursday morning while Doug and I go try to take care of that bump(the one I have posted about several times, that just keeps bugging me!) once and for all.  I will be glad when it is over.  I know God is in control, I am just tired.   He has really taught me a lot as we have struggled with this.  I started a new Bible study last week called Victoriously Frazzled .  It is wonderful and has really helped me with this "bump" in the road.  I am excited about growing more as we do this study.

Elijah is doing great.  He got a superman costume after Halloween and has really enjoyed being superman.  He is so cute.  He has about worn out the costume already.

Sarah is doing great also.  Potty training is going good still.  She has been dry all day today, even through nap time.  She still will not pee for others, but it will come.  She got scratched again Monday.  I was upset this time.  I am going to go observe them at playtime and see if I can tell what is happening.  Once I know what is going on, then I will start to help Sarah learn to prevent this from occurring.  She just does not react as quick as others.  We may also need to help the other kids understand when Sarah means no.  It will all depend on what is happening. 

The camera is broken bad. I can not get it to take pictures.  Guess I am in the market for a camera.  Any suggestions on a really great camera that takes good action shots that is not too high priced would be appreciated.  I don't even know where to start!

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