Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Duck tape, piggy tails, celebrations!

What a loaded title!  Can you guess what they all have in common?  Give up?  Still trying?  Want to really know?  Come on try to guess!!  I have not posted a fun post in a week, I have to keep you on your toes!!!  My camera!!!!  Not what you thought is it?  Well, like I said before I really did a bang-up job on my camera when I dropped it.  I can not decide on a camera and now is really not the best time to buy a camera.  I just put Christmas in layaway at Kmart.  So, if you are on my Christmas list, I got it at Kmart.  Layaway is a good option this year.  It spreads out the payment over time and I know I found just about everything I was looking for.  I do have one raincheck, so when I go this week to make a payment I will look for it.  Ok, back to the topic.  You have heard that duck tape can hold anything together, right?  It does!  My camera is now working since I ducked taped it.  Well, kinda works.  I can not remove the SD card to download my pictures, but it has a USB port, so I can download them that way, but it sure does drain the batteries.  On my camera I found a few pictures I was not sure the camera had taken since they were after THE FALL!  Here they are:

Sarah's piggy tails!!  Look how long her hair has gotten.God's Handiwork Yesterday she took 23 27 hmmm, around 25 steps by herself!!!!  (Kathryne can you remember how many?)  She was so adorable and very proud of herself!!  She is on another roll.  She is walking more, doing things with her hands more, and talking lots more!

Celebrations!  Here is a picture of Doug opening gifts on his birthday.  God's Handiwork There is one more fun family time on our camera, but I think I will do a post all by itself on it.  Elijah was soooooo excited about this yesterday.  He is still talking about it!!  I will share it tomorrow.  It will make a good Wordless Wednesday moment(It will not be so wordless, but it's me you are talking about!!).

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It was 27 steps!!!!!