Friday, November 7, 2008


Sorry I have not posted much this week and certainly not much that was interesting. Guess we are in a rut. I am sure that is fixing to change!!! The kids are doing great. Sarah still has the cold and has a bit of a croupy cough, but not bad enough to go to the doctor at this point. She has really picked up on the walking. She stands her self up and walks to things now. She is using walking as her mode of transportation about 30% of the time on her own. If you stand her she will walk. When we are out she must walk holding one hand until she tires, then she will let me carry her. She is getting very independent. Elijah is getting ready for Christmas. His list is ready! It just keeps growing. He found out Nana has started getting her Christmas decoration out and he is biting at the bit to get ours out. He gets his love of Christmas from my mom. She loves Christmas. She starts decorating in Nov. It takes her weeks to decorate. Her house is beautiful. She decorates every room top to bottom. She then has tons of get togethers at her home to celebrate Jesus' birth. I will start decorating this weekend. I decorate most rooms in our house, just not as elaborate as my mom. Doug and I are having our date night tomorrow. I hope to find a camera so I will post pictures of our decorating adventures!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!!
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