Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bibleman is REALLY REAL!!!!

Elijah loves Bibleman.  He has the DVD's, action figures, and costume.  He was Bibleman for the fall festival at church.  Pop-pop knew someone who was having Bibleman visit their church.  He got them to get Elijah an autographed Bibleman New Testament.  They took a picture of Bibleman signing the book and a picture of Bibleman in action at their church.  When Elijah opened the package and figured out what it was, he began screaming, "Bibleman is really real.  He is a real Bibleman."  He was so excited about it!  He called Pop-pop, daddy and Nana to tell them about it.  He wants us to send a picture of him dressed up like Bibleman to the real Bibleman to thank him for the package.  He told us that he wants to be Bibleman when he gets big.  He has such a great knowledge of God, we have talked to him about salvation, but do not think he really understands it right now.  He just turned 5, so maybe soon.  Here is a picture of Elijah with his package!

God's Handiwork

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