Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sarah's Room

Okay, VBS is over so I will get back to the house tour!!! The bonus room is on the same side of the house as the master room, but it is never clean, so I will post on it later! Going right at the front door you come to Sarah's room next. We painted it and decorated her room as close to her other room as possible so she would not have a hard transition. It really did not seem to bother her that we moved. She really seems to love our new home. We have modified the room already. She was given a Dora kitchen set by my cousin that her daughter had outgrown. We put it in Sarah's room since she LOVES Dora. My cousin also gave us a Dora play house with all of the accessories. I am planning on giving that to her for her birthday. We are going to have a Dora party. She is going to be so excited!!!! Sarah is getting so independent these days!! She now climbs out of the toddler bed, so I have started taking the additional side rail off at naps. She does not climb out during the night so I put it back on at night so she will not roll out of the bed. She has decided to talk this week and is saying a lot on days she decides to talk! She is growing up too fast!!!!
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