Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching up

Well, this is going to be one of those all over the place post. Sorry. I am so far behind on posting on our happenings that I am going to try to catch-up and keep up this week(I know wishful thinking!!!).

Potty training, well what can I say. Prissy will only pee on the potty only if and when she decides. The rest of the times she pees right in front of me and giggles. So frustrating. I know she can do it, she knows she can do it, but she can control the situation and she is stubborn that way, so guess it will be what it will be for now. I have decided to put her on the potty at the same time each day. If she pees, she pees, if not she will at her choosing. I am putting her in pull-up not training panties, since I am tired of cleaning up the pee. Just a little frustrating on my part. I know for most kids they will do it when they do, but with Down syndrome they can be stubborn sometimes and well, you have to work around that. So, to avoid the frustration to me and her we are stepping back and doing the timed training for now. The stress will be off both of us. She will do it, I am sure of it.

I got to meet the speech therapist that Sarah will have at preschool in the fall. She was VERY nice. I am so glad. I am really getting nervous about both kiddos starting school in the fall. Sarah will continue private therapy, but she will also get two 30 min sessions of speech, occupational, and physical therapy a week at preschool. So her therapies will be doubled in the fall. I can not wait to see her fly!!!! I am so greatful to God blessing us with a surprise insurance addition that will pay for more therapies than what we thought she would be able to get after she aged out of the early intervention program at age 3.

Sarah had her service plan updated last week and she has made more strides in her achievement. She is cognitively and socially on a 3 year old level, so age appropriate!!!!! She is fine and gross motor and self help on a 2-2.5 yr old level, so not far behind. On speech she is at 18-24 months, so still not bad. She has been more vocal lately, but only if she wants too. There are still days she does not say anything but momma. She is really into action songs, dancing, and pretend playing. Dora and Elmo are her favorite cartoons. Hmm, maybe she is talking in spanish and I just don't know it?!?!

Elijah is having a great summer and is really enjoying the new house. He completed one session of swimming lessons and will start another today. I will do a whole post on this later!!!
VBS went great. The kids loved it and the first day was the only day that Sarah got over stimulated and had a rough last hour or so, the rest of the week was great. I will also do a post on this later.

We have really enjoyed having friends over and I will post pictures of the fun(well at least of the get-togethers that I have thought to take pictures!) in a later post.

Hmmm, lots of later post!!! Guess you will have to keep checking back!! We are still waiting in our adoption progress. It is about time to do an update. I have been a bit more anxious the last few weeks, but ultimately I am at peace where I am in our family size. I love my kids and know that they are perfect. If we never have another child I am fine with that. I helped out in nursery one day at church---a big mistake!!!! I just love that baby stage, even the nighttime feedings!!!

My stomach is about the same. Still waiting on the results of the biopsy and then I will go for an ultrasound. I have a doctor's appointment the first of July, so we will know more then.

Thanks if you have made it this far. For that you deserve a few pictures!!!! So here are a few pictures of the kids at the playground at the Down syndrome association picnic.

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