Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Potty training day 2

Okay, today has to go better. I don't think it could get worse than yesterday. At least I pray that it does not get worse. It was not pretty around here. Sarah would sit on the potty and play, read books, watch TV, but she refused to pee. She would get up and go a foot and squat and pee. She would just look at me and giggle. The little stinker!!! I even tried chocolate, no use. Then we had a horrible storm and we were in the laundry room with no electricity and the wind was blowing hard and she asked to pee, go figure. I could not get the potty seat in time and I did not want to take her out of the safe area, so I cleaned up the puddle and put her in a pull up. Daddy brought her some Dora panties home and things did get a little better. She did pee-pee 2 times last night on the potty and just one accident. This morning she has pee-pee'd twice on the potty and no accidents. So praying the Dora panties and chocolate make a difference today!!! She stayed dry all week last week at VBS, so I know she can do it, it just has to be what Sarah wants. I had her timed potty trained in the winter, but then she got sick and that went out the door, so praying this time that it holds!! It would be great not to have to buy pull-up or use cloth diapers!!!!!!! I could splurge on more hairbows for her!! I found a great consignment shop here that has hand-made bows for sale. They are cute! I am sure she will love that(hmmm, maybe she refuses to potty in fear that I will make her wear more bows.........hmmm, I could splurge on me!!!! The kids have tons of clothes!!).
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