Friday, June 5, 2009

Master Bedroom

Off of the kitchen is four options. One is into our bedroom, the next door is the laundry room, then the stairs to go to the bonus room, and lastly the door into the garage. It is a bit strange to be right off the kitchen, but oh well, it works. Our room is large and gets lots of light. Compared to all of our other bathrooms this one is huge. I LOVE the extra large jetted tub. If I go missing for days, try the tub first. It is so relaxing!!!! We also have a shower and a huge walk-in closet with a dressing table for me and tons of room for clothes(sorry you will have to image the closet, it is not neat at the present time!!! My cousin sent Sarah tons of clothes and they are in our closet for now!!!) The only thing that I do not like about our room is the lack of doors on the bathroom and closet. Of course they are also arched so they require a custom door or the arch to be filled in. I can not figure out the reasoning on no doors. I hung a curtain from the bedroom into the bath so when Doug gets up at 5am he does not awaken me. I need all of the beauty rest I can get!!! I also hung a curtain from the bath into the closet. I did not want company to be using the bathroom and stare at my messy closet!!! I know I am vain. I am really loving our new home. The tour is almost complete, just 4 more rooms to show. Two of which will require some cleaning prior to picture taking, so guess I better go get to cleaning!!
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