Monday, June 8, 2009

"aira u"

These were words that made me grin from ear to ear with pure joy tonight!!!!! Sarah for the first time in about a year said her name "aira". She said it numerous times as we were playing. I then asked her how old she was and after trying to get her fingers to work and not succeeding, she screamed "U". I was jumping up and down praising her!!! She was right she is 2!!!!!! She has never said how old she was or even acted like she understood what we were talking about. I never said to her that she was 2 tonight, she knew!!! We worked on her getting her fingers up right and she just kept saying "aira u" over and over!!!!! She even put the "s" on her name occasionally and said two several times also. I was just talking to her speech therapist today about increasing her speech time because I felt she was falling further behind in speech. Sarah never ceases to amaze me with what she has accomplished in just her 2 years of life. What a miracle child God created in our Sarah. God is such an awesome God!!!!

I will get back to the house tour later this week. We have a crazy busy week this week. We have VBS in the morning, Elijah started swimming lessons tonight, Sarah has 3 therapy sessions, Pop-pop and Karen are coming this weekend, and I still have not unpacked from Nana's!!! I will post as I can this week!!!
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