Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elijah's Room

Today we will tour Elijah's room. He wanted a space room. It was a little hard to find affordable accessories, but gradually we found them. He wanted an all blue room with black/dark blue ceiling for the sky. The bottom half was already painted red, and I really did not want to try to cover red paint. I found the material for his bedspread and convinced him that the red on bottom, grey on top and a darker gray for the ceiling would be space colors. So I only had to paint the top half and ceiling, much better!! Although the ceiling was not easy, man we have some tall ceilings!!! He is really loving the space stuff. The stars and planets glow in the dark. His room is much cooler at night. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!

Potty training boot camp has started. Sarah stayed dry all last week for the VBS workers. They thought she was potty trained. The little stinker is not being as good for me. We are only at 8:30 and she has peed once on the potty and twice in her pants. So, we are not doing so well!!! She will get it. I think she is getting up too fast after using the potty and is not emptying, so she pees again a few minutes later in her pants. We will figure it out!!!!
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