Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Outdoor Play

We fixed up the outdoor area for the kids to play in.  God's Handiwork Elijah is loving it.  He loves to play in the sand box and "accidentally" fell into the pool today!  Hmm, wonder how that happened. God's Handiwork He really is loving the great outdoor fun.  Sarah is upset that she can not go swimming or play in the sand.  Both are big no-nos after tube placement.  Once she feels better she can enjoy the fun with plugs in her ears.  She is really having a rough day.  The pain meds do not seem to be holding her pain tonight.  If it gets worse, I guess we will head to the ER.  Hopefully I can keep her comfortable to morning and give the doctor a call then.  She has not eaten much today, she did drink a bit earlier.  It is so hard to hear her cry in pain.  It just breaks my heart because I can not make it better.  She gets so mad at me because I am the one giving her the pain med that taste so horrible that she will not let me soothe her, which also hurts.  I know she does not mean it meanly, she just doesn't understand and right now I am the bad guy giving her the yucky meds. Please be praying that she feels better soon and we do not end up back at the hospital.God's Handiwork

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Leah said...

Hi there! Just found your blog on your siggy pic from downsyn! Love your pictures. Did you ENT tell you no swimming? They usually tell you "no submerging the head" but splashing and stuff is just fine, without plugs! (you'll find they won't stay in anyway.) Even the sandbox is fine. I would ask another ENT about the plugs, as most don't recommend them anymore. Of my 5 kids, three had tubes..the last two had 5 or more sets of them. When Angela was little, is when they stopped telling us to use plugs, saying they really don't work, and are more of a bother than anything else.