Saturday, May 24, 2008

Strawberry Pickin

Today we went strawberry picking.  Both kids had so much fun.  God's Handiwork God's HandiworkGod's Handiwork  God's HandiworkGod's Handiwork I think Sarah is finally on the up hill swing of her surgery.  Wed-Fri were rough.  The doctor said it was probably the scabs coming off.  She refused to eat or drink and giving her meds was almost useless since more ended up on me than in her.  Today she has not need any pain med and is so much more like herself.  She is eating and drinking well.  In fact she has two new accomplishment today!!!  She fed herself breakfast which consisted of pirate booty(puffed rice) and a cup of milk.  God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork We have been working on this for months.  She could feed herself larger items that she could bite off, but not small actual finger foods that were just one bite.  Here she is eating, yes she is in the floor, she decided to pitch a fit at the table so I just sat her in the floor.  She poured the food in the floor prior to eating it.  Oh well, that's life!  The second thing she did was to pull to stand from a lying position in her bed.  She has pulled to stand several times with a little help, but today she did it all by herself and in the bed even.  I was cheering her on.  I wanted to grab the video camera, but I was afraid I would miss it.  I grabbed the camera and got a picture afterwards:God's Handiwork

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