Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bethany Spring Picnic

Today the adoption agency had their picnic.  It was fun to go and see all of the staff member and even see some people that went through orientation with us.  Most of the people we had not met before so it was fun.  There was a lady that had a 18 year old with down syndrome and had adopted a child who is now 4 with down syndrome.  It was encouraging to see how independent the 18 year old was, yet how childlike she was.  She was so innocent, but very capable of doing things.  She was very articulate and had wonderful manners.  It was a blessing to see a glimpse into what Sarah's future might be like. Elijah and Sarah had a blast.  Sarah's favorite thing besides eating was the swings.IM000592   Elijah enjoyed the bouncy thing, the sand,  the lake, IM000594 and the list goes on.  He loves to be outdoors doing anything, esp with daddy.  Abigail was there also so he had a great time playing with her.  Be praying for Abigail's family as they await for a baby.  Hmmm, maybe add us to that prayer.  We are trying to decide if we would like to add a third baby to our gang.  Some days I think a third would be great and then other days two are too many!!  We will see what God has planned for us.
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