Monday, May 26, 2008


Sarah has been watching Nana put her glasses on all week.  She does not want Nana to wear her glasses and makes her take them off to hold her.  Yes she is bossy.  I have to get a picture of her folding her hands across her chest in defiance that she has started doing.  It is so cute, but makes me so mad!On Saturday she found the play glasses that came in Elijah's doctor kit(don't know why they put glasses in a doctor's kit, not all doctors wear glasses, guess they think it makes you look smarter or something), and she immediately put them on.  She actually knew what to do with them without prompting or help.  I was so proud of her.IM000612 Ok, they were upside down, but she knew where to put them.  She calls them eyes.  We helped her turn them over and she got them on pretty good, just a little crooked.IM000613 IM000614 She had fun playing with the "eyes" and having daddy and Elijah take her picture(hence the finger in each picture, it is hard for a 4 year old to get the fingers out of the way!  He is too busy saying I do it myself to listen.).
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