Thursday, May 29, 2008

Darth Vader lives at our house...

Well, at least it sounds like he does.  Both kids woke with a cold this morning.  Sarah sounds like Darth Vader trying to breath through her stopped up nose.  She is also hourse, but does not act like her throat hurts.  She ate very good this morning.  In fact she is eating wonderfully these days, if she feeds herself!  If you try to feed her she spits it out.  Mrs. Irene is going to be so surprised when we go back to speech.  Sarah has mastered finger food feeding!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEE!!  She is so independent with it to.  She can pick up the smallest things and get them in her mouth.  Oh great, I just realized that means I have to vacuum more and babyproof again.  Great, more work.  Elijah woke with a cough and a sore throat.  Hope the kiddos feel better soon.  Ms. Kathryn our home educator is also sick today.  She has a stomach bug so we did not get to see her.  Hope she feels better soon.  Here are some more adoption profile pages for you to preview:page3 (1) page3 (2) page5 (1) page4 (1)
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