Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mini Music Camp and Swimming Lessons

Elijah has had a very busy week.  He has been going to Mini Music Camp at church every morning.  He has had a blast.  I asked him on Mon what they did and he said "We did a lot of music".  Hmmm, I guess I just thought he knew it was MUSIC camp, hence a lot of music.  He was telling Sarah this morning all about camp and that when she got older she would get to go and it was lots of fun.  Today at lunch they presented their musical.  It was so cute.  I got a few pictures before the batteries went dead in the camera, but I video all of it.  If I get adventurous I will try to post the video.  God's HandiworkGod's HandiworkGod's Handiwork Elijah has also been taking swimming lessons at night.  Doug takes him for this.  He is doing some of the stuff.  Swimming is not his favorite thing.  He hates to get water on his face.  We are hoping the lessons help.  He will have lessons next week also.  On Sat they will have graduation so I will share pictures then also. 

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