Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have a great video to show you of Sarah moving and grooving!  But for some reason One True Media is having problems today.  It has taken me all day to upload it and now the site is down and I can't post it.  So frustrating!!  I will try and get it posted asap.  Doug's friend from IN is here tonight.  Elijah was so excited that Jason was coming for a visit.  He remembered that last year we went and played putt-putt and rode go-carts.  He wants to do that again.  Hope Jason does not mind a repeat of last year!  Jason also had a birthday earlier this week so Elijah was more than happy to celebrate with him!!  I will post that video as soon as I can and I will get pictures tomorrow to post of our adventures.  Guess I need to review last years pictures and make sure we do not wear the same colors or I will not be able to tell the years apart!
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