Monday, July 7, 2008

Perfectly NORMAL Vision!!!!

PRAISE THE LORD!!!  Sarah has normal vision.  He said that the depth perception was probably more of a motor skill and learning how to judge distance.  He did state that she was slightly far sighted, but was in the normal range for kids her age!  He said that she was so perfect(vision wise!) that there was no sense coming back for a follow-up.  He said if the pediatrician or we noticed something at a later date to bring her back, but for now everything was perfect.  I wanted to jump up and down for joy, but refrained.  They dilated her eyes and she is so not happy about it now.  She is so frustrated.  I am trying to get her to nap since we missed nap today and maybe by the time she awakes the vision will be better.  She is so not buying it.  I think it might be a long night!  Here are pictures of our adventure:God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork Mister Attitude!  Man, I have 2 beautiful children!  Have you ever seen more beautiful children? 

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Kathryn said...

Can I get a copy of the picture of Sarah and I?

Mommyto2 said...

Sending it to your email!