Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NOTES to self....

The kid's cherry yogurt looks like blood when spit up later, so DO NOT PANIC.  Most mornings we put Sarah's vitamins in yogurt.  Both kids love the cotton candy yogurt, which happens to come with cherry yogurt, so they have to eat the cherry before we buy more yogurt.  I forgot to give Sarah her reflux medicine this morning and about 20 minutes after having her yogurt she spit up...red...blood red spit up.  Scared me to death.  I nearly broke my neck trying to get to her.  I was so relieved when I figured out it was yogurt.  I don't think I will be giving the kids the cherry yogurt again anytime soon, it just is not worth that scare.  I am shaking just retelling it. God's Handiwork

Second note to self....When thinking about giving Sarah her Miramax wait one more day.  Without fail within 5 minutes of giving Sarah a dose of miramax for constipation she poops big time.  Man, the rest of the day is not going to be good.  Lots of laundry will done before the day is done.  Sarah has always had pooping issues.  Since she is more mobil there are fewer issues.  If she goes 3 days without pooping then I give her miramax to help.  Daily she has 3 oz of the plum smart juice and that generally does the deed, but occasionally she needs help.  Apparently today she did not need help, just more time.  Great let the fun begin!God's Handiwork

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