Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fairy dust and snotville

Well, Doug talked me out of doing anything from the House fairy last night.  He was afraid that it would not go with the program and Elijah would figure it out.  Regardless of this, Elijah is still picking up after himself today.  Sarah is totally freaking him out as she is pulling all the books off the shelf and has toys all over the floor.  I told him I would clean up after her, but he keeps telling her the House fairy can come any minute and he does not want her to get on the naughty list!  He even picked up his breakfast dishes and put them in the sink.  This might just work!!!!

Sarah is still snotty this morning, but does seem to feel a little better.  She slept until 9am, the latest she has ever slept.  Her eyes are not running this morning and her snot is only yellow and not green, so I think her antibiotics are starting to work.  Wow, it will be great not to have snot!!  This might just work!!!!

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