Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa Party

Abbe and Olivia hosted a Fancy Party with Santa.  The kids dressed in their fancy clothes and had a great time.  Elijah is not a fancy dresser.  In fact, I had to beg with him to wear his Christmas outfit for the pictures.  Sunday best is slacks and a shirt.  He will allow a collar for this, most other days it is a t-shirt only.  No collar and no buttons.  He is awful. I did get him to keep on a collar shirt with buttons for the party.  Sarah on the other hand does not refuse for too long, so I can get her to wear most things.  She has a harder time getting around if the dress is too full or long, so she wore a Christmas dress, just not her fancy one.  The rest of the kids were dressed very fancy!  They were soooooo cute.  They decorated the tree, did 2 crafts, then they went outside and threw out magical reindeer food.  A few minutes later, after all of the kids had gotten back in, Santa appeared at the back door!  The kids were so excited.  Sarah made a straight path to him.  She had to tell him hello and make sure his hair and beard were real(thank goodness they were!).  She then had to try out the hat and glasses.  I finally got her to come back to me so the other kids could see Santa.  Elijah was a little more cautious.  He stood back and was not going to sit on Santa's lap to begin with.  I told him Sarah was and he agreed to sit with her, but I had to put her in Santa's lap first.  I guess he wanted to make sure she was fine before he risked his life.  That is a brother for you!!!  After Santa listened to all of the kid's wish list he gave them all a stocking with goodies and off he went to visit other boys and girls.  Sarah cried when he left, but then we had snacks so it did not last long, she was on to the FOOD!  Jennifer was so realistic in hearing the reindeer take off that Elijah heard the bells.  As we were leaving he looked at the roof to see if he could see where the sleigh was!  Elijah called Nana on the way home and talked to her the entire drive home which is almost 30 minutes!  He is still talking about it today.  Just a few minutes ago he got all serious and said that he heard something upstairs.  We were upstairs at the time.  I realized what he was getting at, so I said the only thing upstairs is the roof.  His eyes got as big as saucers and he said Santa must be making sure we are being good.  He then jumped up and shared some of his goldfish with Sarah.  Hmmm, how long will Santa watching work for good behavior?  Here are a few pictures of the fun.

God's Handiwork  God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork I think Sarah is trying to catch some of the reindeer food!!!

God's Handiwork Hi, Santa.  I just want to make sure you are the real thing.

God's Handiwork

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