Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stomach bug strikes again!

What a long week.  The stomach bug got me Tuesday night.  Man, this is a bad bug.  I have felt awful.  Doug had to stay home yesterday to keep the kids and look after me.  I could hardly hold my head up I was so weak after all of the vomiting.  I feel better today, but very weak and tired.  I did make it therapy with Sarah and then to Elijah's class party.  I will post pictures of it tomorrow.  Sarah missed her party yesterday.  She still has a croupy cough and I just did not want her to be exposed to anything more since we are traveling on Saturday.  She sounds awful, but with her low muscle tone in the throat she really forces a cough and it sounds croupy.  She seems to feel a little off, but for the most part is acting fine.  She is not coughing at night, which is weird to me, but then again we are talking about Sarah who sets her own rules!!!  I will post more later.

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