Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Wanderings

Well, since Sarah was better on Thursday night when we put her to bed and she got up at 2 am and played for over an hour.  She just giggled and named all of the animals and their sounds from the nativity set and then threw baby Jesus and all of the other people out and just kept the animals in the stable.  We felt she was well enough to go on to Mississippi.  Did I tell you how much I do not like to travel with 2 kids?  Well, let me remind you.  I DO NOT LIKE TO TRAVEL WITH 2 KIDS!!!!  They do not travel well.  Elijah was all excited about going and got in the car just fine.  Sarah, after her early morning play time, was still asleep and slept for a little longer.  About 2 minutes down the icy, slick road in front of our house and me asking for the 100th time, do you think we should wait a bit before we go?  I really do not like to drive in icy snow stuff.  My husband being from the north and more sure of driving is just fine, in fact seems to be enjoying the challenge.  Elijah begins crying.  I ask him why.  He is upset that he is not getting to play in the snow and it will be gone before we get home.  I finally convince him that it might snow another day and he will have more time to play in it.  That holds him off for another 5 minutes, then he wants to know how much longer......hmmm about 8 more hours if we are lucky!!  Well, it took us 9 more hours with all of the stopping and letting the kids play.  The funny thing is when we got to southern Mississippi, they had more snow than we did and Elijah did get to play in the snow after all!!  Here is Elijah and Doug in the snow:  God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork P1040044 This is Doug.  He is waving Hi and getting ready to throw a snow ball.P1040045This is Elijah, he had two snow balls ready to throw!God's Handiwork

Sarah seemed to feel fine all day on Friday and most of the day on Saturday.  Sat. afternoon she began coughing and having a runny nose and acting like her throat hurt.  By bedtime it began sounding alot like croup.  I sat in the recliner and held her to sleep last night, well at least she slept, I did not do much sleeping.  I moved back to the bed with her, but still did not sleep much.  She has been fussy and crying all day.  I can not get her to eat much.  The cough seems better, in fact, she is not coughing in the bed now, so maybe it is just a bad cough.  We are staying in tomorrow and having a pj day.  I need her to stay well for Christmas.  We are suppose to go to Chatt this weekend and then on to GA.  She may miss school all this week.  We will just see how she does.  Well, I am going to take a long hot bath and go to bed!  I will post pictures tomorrow of Christmas in Mississippi!

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