Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long live the bug...

the virus bug that is.  Man, Sarah just can not shake this.  She is so pitiful.  I wish it was me and not her that was sick.  She is so little and does not understand.  She slept all day yesterday.  I would wake her and get some fluids down.  No vomiting, so that was good.  I really thought she would be better today, but she is not.  In fact, I think she is worse.  She does not want to get out of bed.  I really think this is the flu, even though we got the flu shot.  She acts like it hurts to touch her.  I am having trouble getting her to take fluids.  I have resorted to a medicine dropper.  She finally wanted to drink and I got a few bites in her and up it came.  I will probably never convince her to eat now.  She is peeing just a bit a few times a day, so of course they do not think she is dehydrated.  They will not give her phenergan for the vomiting, because that might make her more sleepy and drink less.  So, we just wait it out.  I voted for giving her phenergan and IV fluids, but we are in a hold pattern on that since she has peed in the last 6 hours, mind you it was only a tiny bit, but it counted.  I just want my little one to feel better RIGHT NOW!!!!!  I don't really want her to get stuck for the treatment, I just want her better.  Everyone else is healthy so far.  I have bleached everything that is bleachable and a few things that ummm are not since they are a new color now!!!  Oh well, they needed cleaning.  Guess I should have used the clorox anywhere stuff.  I used it on the toys, but bleach in the laundry.  Well, got to go try to get some more fluids down Sarah.

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My name is Sarah said...

I'm so sad that sarah is sick today. I hope she feels better soon.