Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A friend gave the kids some dress-up clothes today.  There was a beautiful princess dress in the bag.  I put it on Sarah with a tiara.  She was soooooooo adorable!!!  I told her she was a princess.  She just giggled and said what sounded like a try at princess.  It was beautiful.  She just looked at herself in the mirror and oohed and ahhed.  She kept it on for a long time.  She would just look at herself and jabber away.  She has really started liking to role play.  She is cute feeding a baby.  She makes a sucking sound like the baby is eating. 

My mom gave me a camera that she has had for several years and does not use.  It is digital and takes really great pictures, but there is one little glitch.  It is old technology!  It uses diskettes.  We do not have a floppy disk drive on our computer!  I ordered an external floppy drive and hope to get it this week, so then I can post some pictures of a pretty princess!!  Until then I will share another picture from our photo session last week:

God's Handiwork

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