Sunday, January 18, 2009

Croupy Croup

Sarah just could not leave well enough alone, nooooooo she just had to go and get worse on me. Yesterday afternoon she began sounding more and more croupy. By 3:30 she was retracting just a bit when breathing, so I called the ped. Being that it was so early and croup tends to get worse with nightfall we made the trip to the emergency room. Oh great fun. Seems like everyone wanted in on the fun. Of course one look and hearing we went right back. They got her all hooked up then gave us some steroids(well, just Sarah!!). Her o2 sats hovered at 95-97 so they held off on the breathing treatments. After 3 hours of observation and improvement in the coughing, they let us come home. Sarah and I spent the rest of the night having steam and freeze fun(you go in the bathroom and steam it up to help open the airways then you go into the cold-outside or freezer, to help decrease the swelling). Sarah is still very croupy today, but her breathing is not labored. We have continued the steam and freeze today and she also has gotten choked on the snot and now poor babydoll has to have a bath since snot on the stomach does not sit well and tends to come up! Oh the fun at our house!! Elijah and I now have the wonderful cough and horseness. Doug, who has been sick since Christmas, is the only one well for now.
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How are you guys feeling? I have a horrible sinus infection and am doing the exact same thing with heat and cold. I feel your pain. Hope you all feel better soon!!