Thursday, January 22, 2009

I did it again!!!

I had just posted 2 days ago about things not to tell my kids.  You know the one about not saying Sarah was better until she was completely well one?  In that very post I typed that she was better and what does miss prissy do?  She tries to prove me wrong.  I've got that girl's number!!!  Last night she seemed better and we had an ok day.  Mind you we were one diaper shy of the 4 a day(1 every 6 hrs) criteria, but we had our follow-up visit this morning, so I figured I would bring it up then.  Well, when Sarah got up I knew things were not good.  Sarah had snot build up completely clogging both nostrils at least an inch thick.  Ok, maybe not that thick, but thick enough, no fun to get that off.  Then she is doing that rapid, shallow breathing, the one you can hear a mile away.  Yep, that one.  Not good.  She refuses all food and drink and just lays in the floor and cries.  Not good.  So, we drop Elijah off at school and head to the doctor.  I am preparing to go directly back to jail the children's hospital.  Well, the ped is sounding a lot like she is sending us over to the hospital, but the more we talk she decides Sarah's dehydration is making her congestion thicker and thus her lungs sound worse.  She is able to get Sarah to drink about 3-4 oz of a boost drink.  She decides we can go home, but Sarah must drink and wet diapers, or we go back to that fun place I love so much.  Sarah cuts it close tonight, but drinks enough and finally peed enough!!!!!!!!  She was actually laughing and playing about an hour before bedtime.  So we will see how tomorrow goes.  She is determine to make sure all of the hair on my head is gray before I turn 40!!!  Silly girl, that hair color is from a bottle and I have plenty of bottles to keep it this color!!!

Here are a few pictures from the day Sarah came home from the hospital:P1040296  P1040303 P1040304 She just loves to sit on Elijah's train table and throw all of the train stuff off of it!!  Continue to pray that Sarah gets better soon!!!

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