Friday, January 9, 2009

Adoption Fundraiser for a Friend

The Garcia's are adopting a little girl from Eastern Europe. She has Down syndrome. They are raising money to bring her home. Renee is making necklaces that has contact information on them. This is very helpful for non-verbal or speech impaired children so you can be contacted if they get separated from you. Here is a link to their adoption blog as well as Renee's post about the necklaces. This is Kennedy's family who I have a link to on my side bar. I ordered Sarah's necklace today!!
Bringing Kellsey Home

This is our first fundraiser for Kellsey's adoption! Many of you have asked in the past about Kennedy's necklace so I am now making and selling them!!! Each necklace is $10.00 and 100% of the money goes towards Kellsey's adoption!!!
The necklace I made for Kennedy was designed for safety, first and foremost. It has her full name, her address and my cell phone number so should she ever get separated from me, I can be contacted. And then of course, she has to look cute! Hence the fun colors!!!
Here are a couple more necklaces I've made:

This necklace alerts people to the fact that Kallie has diabetes.
It also has her name, address and mother's cell phone number.
This one was made for Jonathan who is 9 and has Down syndrome.
He thinks it's the coolest thing EVER!
Your child already knows her address and phone number?
That's ok! You can use her favorite Bible Verse or quote!

These make GREAT gifts for that special child in your life and provide parents with a feeling of safety should a little one disappear.
I will put as much or as little information as you'd like on your child's necklace. I also just got brand new beads that are white but the letters on them are multi-colored. They're VERY pretty! (I made one for Kennedy with these beads and can't find it at the moment, so pictures are coming soon!)
Want to buy one? GREAT!!!!
Click on the Paypal button below and order the quantity you'd like, then EMAIL ME with the info you'd like on your necklace! All orders will be shipped within 1 week of purchase and all shipping is FREE! Don't want to use paypal? You can mail me a check! Just email me for info.

Color Combos

Multi-Colored BeadsWhite Beads, Multi-colored lettersBlack & White BeadsWhite Beads Black Letters


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