Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sarah's doings

I think we are in another growth spurt of abilities!!  Sarah is just blossoming right now.  We do still have the horrible snot and are on another antibiotic.  Hopefully we will see an improvement in this area soon!!!  Since Dec, Sarah has been walking a bit more.  The week that we started the last antibiotic when it seemed to be working she started using walking as her mode of transportation about 50% of the time!!!!!  As the snot has increase the walking has decreased.  Although she has not had any ear drainage, I think her ears are affected by the cold.  She is still walking a good amount (although at school she refused to walk at all, the little stinker!!).  She is climbing everything now.  I can not leave her alone at all.  She is a fast climber also!  She is dancing more and has begun to move her legs while standing to dance.  All of her dancing to date has just been movement of arms and some upper body twisting if really excited.  The leg movement is with and without holding on, so her balance is really great!  She can climb on the trampoline and "bounce" without assistance and will walk on the trampoline without holding on also.  Today at therapy on the trampoline holding the bar she even moved her feet with the bouncing and was bending her knees!  Her feet did not actually come off the trampoline, but this was a first!!!  She is using a good pincher grasp more often now.  She can open a small bottle and pour the contents out and put them back in again using the pincher grasp.  She can push any button with her pointer finger, and let me tell you she loves to push buttons.  The TV button(this is to make Elijah squeal!), the phone buttons(don't know who she called and talked to the other day, hope it was local), buttons on any toy or object that will make a noise, and my buttons!!!!!  She will line up all of her toys that get on my nerves make noise and go down the line and push the buttons and when she is finished she starts all over again and again and again and again.........and again.  She is getting good upper body strength also.  Today in therapy the OT wrapped her hands in playdough and had her open her fingers to get the play dough off, she was able to do this and was even quick enough to eat a bite of playdough before either of us could get it from her!  She is signing and talking more.  Fish, apple and cereal are the newest signs that she is using.  Fish is used for actual fish, pictures of fish, and GOLDFISH of course!!  She is so funny signing eat-fish.  New verbal words are juice, circle, go, elmo(sometimes just mo), and ora for Dora.  She now wants to eat with a utensil and is getting some better with a spoon and fork.  OT is really going to work on this starting next week.  She has also learned how to undo her diaper with her pants on and more than one occasion has awakened in a puddle.  She now must have a onesie on for sleeping or a one piece outfit!  She is wanting to use the potty again, so after next week I guess we will start potty training again(mommy still does not seem ready for her baby to use the potty---don't know who typed that...Potty training would mean no more washing of cloth diapers.  Let the potty training begin!!  Ok, I will wait until morning when she is awake!).  Well, I think this is probably way too long.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!!!

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