Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on Miss Prissy

Sarah slept until 8:30 this morning and then got up in a good mood.  No crying or whining!!!!!!  I changed her wet diaper #1 for the day and gave her some more of the boost drink and she drank a good bit.  We went downstairs to play and I got her to drink more and she ate some dry cereal--YIPEE!!!!  She played all morning and would take sips of the drink on and off.  By lunch she had finished off one carton of drink and had 1 more wet diaper(#2).  She would not eat lunch, but did drink a few sips of another boost drink.  Today I am just going to keep her drinking.  If I can get her to finish off this 2nd drink today I will feel good about her hydration.  We will get the food started back soon I am sure, this girl has always loved her food!  She is so cute about the drink.  Yesterday our doctor played with her and told Sarah it was her (doctor's) drink and Sarah would drink it thinking she was getting something her favorite doctor was drinking.  Well when we got home I had brought out the drink from the doctor's and her eyes got big and she giggled.  I said here is Dr. K's drink and she grabbed it and drank it.  I used that all day.  Today it is still working.  Now she will say "Ka-Ka's moolk" for Dr. K's milk.  She is playing good and has made a big mess in the playroom, which actually makes me feel good since it means she is playing.  We will continue to push the fluids.  She is still coughing with tons of congestion, but this too will get better with time!!! 

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